My art work explorers the dynamic tension between figuration/abstraction, storytelling/ image-making and traditional/ experimental processes.  I create my pictures on canvas, wood, paper and found objects using acrylic and latex paint, glue, oil pastels, charcoal and collage.  A multitude of techniques are combined together such as modeling, wet on wet, layering, scraping, pouring and splattering.  This approach offers an infinite variety of expressive possibilities. Figures are often incorporated into this complex creative formula.  These sometimes simplifed stickmen depict activies derived from various sources: The daily news and everyday experiences, dreams and the imagination and from ancient and modern pop culture mythology. The resulting images of the mixed-media alchemy is volatile, mercurial mindscapes inhabited by human/animal/cartoon/robot/spirit hybrids. these creatures interact in ways that communicate a broad range of human experience ranging from sublime harmony to slapstick absurdity.