I was born in Jamestown. I started drawing at age 2 mostly from copying the weird monsters and cartoons from movies and t.v. I got some formal training in High School and Jamestown Community College and applied my skills into school and my own projects such as illustration, cartoons and painting. I also played drums in various Punk Rock bands at this time. I decided to seriously pursue independent, underground cartooning and attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC. I switched majors first semester and graduated with a BFA in painting in 1991.

I moved to Buffalo in the early 90's and found many outlets for my ideas: mixed media painting and sculpture and noise/improv performance art bands. In the last few years I have mostly focused on combining many ideas and mediums into art making. My painting have developed into semi-abstract mindscapes often inhabited by human/plant/animal/machine hybrids in various stages of mutation and interaction. The paintings often convey relationships that vary in range from the banal to the sublime to the sado-masochistic.



Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Music is Art Festival/Albright Knox Art Museum,The Big Orbit, Gallery 164, Niagara Arts and Culture center, Nobody's Art Center, Cosmopolitan Gallery, College st. Gallery, Linn-Benton College in Eugene, Oregon, Art-Buzz  Annual art Publication, House of Scratch Art Gallery, Filigrees Gallery, Rochester Contemporary Art Museum, Saatchi On-line Art Gallery